Commit for Real

Commit to a habit with ETH and get ETH from broken commitments.

First 100 to start a challenge get a First 100 NFT Badge!

First 100 to start a challenge
get a First 100 NFT Badge!

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How it works

An example commitment in Commit Club


Choose a challenge. Set duration in days or weeks. Stake ETH.
A check in example in Commit Club

Check in

Every check in, get your ETH back and ETH from failed challenges (the loser pool).
A withdrawal example in Commit Club

Stay accountable

Miss a check in and forfeit your remaining ETH to the loser pool. The more staked, the more you get from the loser pool. Share your challenge for extra accountability.

Commit Club will become a self-governed protocol serving as a trusted public record of action through tokenized incentives.

Get the tech specs and see what’s next for the Commit Club DAO:

Frequently Asked Questions

How are check ins recorded?

We use the honor system: every challenge gets a unique page that you can bookmark and check into from anywhere. In the future, we will have automatic check ins through app integrations, such as DuoLingo, Peloton, or RescueTime. Interested in integrating? Send us a message.

Is this decentralized?
We’re moving towards decentralized smart contracts for challenges. For now challenges are centralized within our backend.
Do I have to pay any fees?
If a challenge is failed, we take 30% of what has not been earned back – the other 70% is distributed to successful challenges. Aside from this, you only need to pay Ethereum gas fees when depositing and withdrawing ETH.
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Join the club.

Commit to yourself: Meditate Quit sugar Study Daily cold showers Exercise Practice gratitude Read daily Quit smoking Learn a language Run Journal Wake up early Learn to cook Daily focused work